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Drive your entire trading business with our trading application COSY. The application meets all of the requirements for selling, sourcing, sampling, logistics, risk management, derivatives and controlling of single and multi-commodity environments.

Use your business date optimally by our CRM and SRM Cockpit. Both are web-based fully responsive tools.

The integrated suite provides a foundation for all business transactions. Easy maintenance, extremely high availability 24/7/365, and a consistent user interface go without saying. Our clients can concentrate on their core business and not on IT problems.

More than 25 years of experience on 5 continents is reflected in the comprehensive functionality of our business solution.

Trading- Customers, Agents, Brokers
- Market Indices, Market Rules
- Physical Purchase & Sales Contracts
- Commission Agreements
- Contract Documents
- Applications / Matchings
- Tracking Contracts
- Futures / Options / Various Derivatives
- Futures / Options Close Outs
- Interfaces Clearing (e.g. UBS)
- Tracking Derivatives
- Contract Fixations
- Fixation Documents
- Market Prices / Differentials / Ratios / Risks
- Valuation Prices / Differentials / Ratios
- Market Exposure
- Valuated Positions

quality management- Goods, Qualities, Properties, Origins
- Certificates
- Sampling Instructions
- Sampling Instruction Documents
- Samples of Parcels, Samples of Qualities
- Classings
- Approval / Rejections Purchase
- Sample Notes
- Approvals / Rejections Sales
- Sample Advice/Note Documents
- Tracking Samples

logistics- Service Providers
- Transport Means, Transport Rules
- Transport Instructions
- Export Registrations
- Transport Documents
- Tracking Transports
- Warehousing
- Parcel Management
- Tracking Inventory
- Valuated Stock
- Delivery Instructions
- Customs Invoices
- Tracking Deliveries
- Purchase / Sales Invoices
- Commission Notes
- Service Invoices
- Credit / Debit Notes
- Collective Invoicing
- Invoice Documents
- Tracking Invoices
- Various Interfaces Financial Accounting

finance & controlling- Banks, Credit Insurer, Currencies
- Contract Financing
- Prepayments
- Letters of Credit
- Interfaces Letters of Credit (e.g. Bolero)
- Credit Insurance
- Various Payment Securings
- Tracking Payment Securings
- Forex
- Exchange Rates
- Cash / Forex Projections
- Expected Profit / Loss
- Accruals
- Controlling reports
- Company Control Data
- Organizational Units, Profit Centers
- Employees, Functions
- Access Rights

Software Weltkarte 600300

SwitzerlandTrading in Switzerland has a long history. Our Swiss customers have known the business since the early 18th century. Since 1994 our solution has been used in their offices. Every 10th cup of coffee drunk worldwide during 20 years and millions of tons of cotton have passed through our application. Switzerland is also a hub for certified, sustainably produced soft commodities. Our application allows to track the goods "from the gradle to the grave" or called in the language of the chocolate business: from bean to bar.

USAWho does not know this region – San Francisco and the Bay Area in the US State of California. 150 years ago, an italian settler started producing chocolate. Today, this company is a member of the best known Swiss premium chocolate manufacturer and procures its cocoa beans and related commodities through the assistance of our business solution.

northern europeTrading has a long tradition and future in the Hanseatic cities in the north of Europe. Their ports are gateways for all kinds of goods destined for the Europe. Our application has been implemented in this region by a number of trading companies. The overwhelming logistical knowhow of the people of this region is reflected in the software.

in the countries of originThe trading business often starts in the origin countries like Australia, Spain, Greece, Brazil. Here lots of soft commodities grow, are processed and sent to customers all over the world.Our customers use our application to take-up the goods, proceed and sample them and transport them to the nearby ports.

Swiss made.

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